Max Sergeant

jazz drummer & writer


"Not much is as fun as creating and being in the moment.
Gotta chase them goosebumps."

Up-and-coming drummer, composer and Amsterdam native, Max Sergeant is finding numerous ways to contribute to original and creative music. His work is defined by endless creativity, ruthless work ethic and pure passion.

Under the tutelage of renowned Dutch drummers such as, Marcel Serierse, Lucas van Merwijk and Martijn Vink, at the conservatory of Amsterdam, Max has evolved into a versatile, enthusiastic musician. Inspired by the creativity of the greats before him, Max always makes an effort to support his bands with similar communication, musicality and freedom.

Currently, Max is eager to start performing, getting his music into real life settings and experiences. Most notably with the Reyes Quintet, a jazz ensemble that fuses intricate harmony with elegant melodies, written by Hyunwoo Bang and Max himself. In the meantime, Max continuously and meticulously works on his drumming technique and indepence in jazz and other styles like hip-hop.

Noah Hilhorst, Anthropology VU AMSTERDAM


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Ethereal and groovy. Neo-Soul. This is one for beautiful, sunshine-filled days.

With Amsterdam based singer Tallulah Rose.

Emergo is Max’ second CD with Harald Walkates quartet The New York Second, featuring Teus Nobel.

From the liner notes:
“Max is an amazing talent and (…) brings a broad array of styles and influences to my music …”

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